Week 1


So for a first week you can ask yourself: Is it possible to be mindful or is your head full? In a first week starting a new course you need time to get to learn your new environment and you need to decide several things like for instance how to publish your experiences.

So i have decided to use this way, writing every week on Sunday a blog.

My first week experiences:

On Tuesday i followed the 1 hour yoga class and from my experience i could see some styles i knew and it was for me a nice combination of astanga yoga and some yin yoga.

During the week i viewed the video lessons:

What is yoga?

A nice overview of people giving their viewpoint. People giving all kind of definitions of yoga. What i wrote down was that yoga is a way to connect body and mind. A path to get to know the way you proces the information and energy coming in to you mind through the senses and to learn to calm, know and regulate your mind processes.

During the video about the role of meditation in yoga it was interesting to see the integration of all around mindfulness and yoga. This was nice and also to bring it a little bit out of the spiritual corner. And to define yoga and mindfulness as a physical and mental workout.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

In seral video’s well known people from the mindfulness movement passed by which i knew from the past but rediscovered some nice practices like the wheel of awareness from Dan Siegel.

About the practice of yoga good tips for how to do things, for the breathing exercise i miss a little bit the explanation what is the role of breathing, and the importance. It was explained as the most interesting object for your mental training because you have it always with you. But i assume that there will come more about this subject.

During the mindfulness meditation there was asked to relax, is it not so that in this type of meditation you are asked to have an open, non judgmental and curious attitude? This means to accept all what you experience and do not want to change anything. So when you are not relaxed, you feel tension, to notice it and let it be.

The mini self check in looks very familiar with the 3 minute breathing space and is very good to do regular. I noticed that many simple things look to simple to have value. Some times you continue looking further. The biggest challenge is to stick to these simple things and following a course like this, also for an experienced practitioner of yoga and mindfulness, is making you aware of this again.

My goal for this course:

I want to follow all the 6 lessons in the pace of the course syllabus with an open, curious and non judgmental mindset and to (re) discover interesting practices and results coming form scientific research to integrate it in my own practice and in my profession.

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